Elite Distribution & Stocking

About Elite Distribution and Stocker

Stocking, distributing and providing general supplies of food,
equipment and other goods in Egypt and abroad as the
company has a number of distinguished commercial agencies.


To be One of the most preferred distribution AND STOCKING companies for Principals,Customers

Our Mission

To provide high-quality services and rival products, and develop a professional facility profitable for trading and distribution of world-renowned distinctive products to become a leading distribution company in the Arab Republic of Egypt.


Smart Disinfection and Sanitation Tunnel

The Smart Disinfection and Sanitation Tunnel is a demonstration of how It has been designed to provide maximum protection to people passing through the tunnel in around 15 seconds. Which can help the community to fight against the COVID-19.

Disinfection and Sanitation

Disinfectants are agents applied to non-living objects to reduce the number of unwanted microorganisms to a safe level. Using disinfectants should be a routine part of daily farm sanitation.  Sanitation includes the substances or methods used to destroy microorganisms in order to maintain a healthy, disease-free environment. Sanitation methods prevent unwanted organisms from coming back after disinfectants have been applied.


specializes in top grade detergents and cosmetics that caters the local, regional, and international markets at an unbeatable price. The company currently produces the Dr. Schoon family, which consists of several products that serves several needs, providing high quality and safe detergents products, powered by the nature and proven by science to our customers worldwide