Elite Security Solutions

Welcome to Elite-Security, your resource on nationwide security guards services. In this climate of uncertainty, you cannot be too careful. Whether your business is a retail store, a hospital, school or even construction company, security solutions is very affordable through our various options. Security guard companies are also the very best choice to make your employees and property, safe from vandalism.

About us

As a trusted partner, we work with each client to analyze procedures, examine vulnerabilities, and tailor a plan that fits security and budget requirements.
With holistic security capabilities, we not only identify risks, but we also deliver tangible solutions to mitigate them.

Elite Security provides innovative and value-driven security solutions at the highest level of service, integrity, and professionalism.

No person should be leaving their house headed toward a business or event and hoping they make it home alive. Business owners these days are not only faced with running a profitable business but they are also faced with keeping their customers and employees safe. We work hard with business owners and event organizers to reduce the possibility of threats by creating a custom defense plan for each and every possible scenario. With terror on the rise, now more than ever, a complete security plan is needed. These vulnerable events require the knowledge, experience, and skill of one of the top security guard agencies in the EGYPT.

Our Vision

To be an Egyptian leading safety and security company by providing

Peace Of Mind through our custom security solutions and systems.

Our Mission

To be Your reliable partner by providing the best service quality and commitment.


Our Services

• Security Consulting
• Security Audit
• Risk Assessments
• Risk management
• Create & Operate Security Systems
• Corporate Investigations
• Executive Protection (VIP)
• Cyber security solutions
• Emergency Response Team
• Government Relations

• Mobile Patrols

• Intrusion alert

• Staff Training

• K9


Our Team proudly compromise a high skilled
personnel represents our company.
We invest in the most up to date training for
our staff so you can be sure that we are a market
leaders in our field.
Elite offers a full range of consultancy service.
In Essence, we are available to provide you with
all the necessity tools to approach your success

Our Systems

• Metal Detection Gates
• Surveillance Systems
• Inspection Systems
• Access Control Systems
• Automation Gates & Parking Systems
• Intrusion Detection Systems
• GPS Tracking Systems
• Fire Alarm Systems
• Data Security Systems
• Command Center (Creation /Insulation)
• 24/7 Remotely Alarm Monitoring


In today’s challenges, where so many events and social gatherings are looked upon as potential targets
by terrorists, there is no place for mistakes, you need to hire a well staffed security services agency. More
than ever, these critical challenges require the experience and knowledge of a professional protection
firm. With our knowledge and security solutions you are guaranteed a smooth running event.
We have worked hard to be on the top of security services companies in Egypt.
With years of experience and knowledge, our staff are capable of creating and executing easy security
solutions for any industry or event,in addition our preparation and performance are unique for business,
we have security experts licensed to manage events and gatherings in a professional and secured way.

This success will not only reflecting positively on Elite business operations, but also will drive client service quality to the next level.

In order to gain these certifications, Elite Security Solutions went through an internally audit in the first stage, then Intertek after demonstrating our ongoing commitment to managing and protecting our client’s data