Elite Academy

About Us

Elite Academy has a future perspective that helps you to have a better future.
Elite Academy for Training aims to contribute to the realization of Egypt Vision for improving
and developing manpower in cooperation with the Security Institute of Human Development –
Ministry of Interior.
Elite Academy is offering quality training sessions for individuals and organizations in accordance
with their training needs in the various fields of security management, risk analysis,
social and self-development…. etc.


Our Vision

Seeking to have a world-class academy in compliance with the international standards of Education.

Our Mission

Providing high-quality courses and developing high-performance standards to build a respectful and inclusive environment for effective life-long learning.

Our Courses

Security & Safety
• Using modern technologies in securing vital premises.
• Evacuation and emergency Plan course.
• Securing Vital premises Course.
• The Preventive procedures from explosives course.
• Civil protection and fire prevention course.
• First aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
• Securing Vital premises Course for leaders.
• The specialized course in dealing with riot and security
• Digital transformation and data protection and personal
communications course (cyber security).
• Integrated Security Systems Course.
• Course of preventive measures to protect against
occupational injuries.
• Crisis and natural disaster management course.
• Disaster management course.
• Advanced course in securing vital premises.
• The specialized course in securing facilities.
 Human Development
• Decision maker’s skills development course.
• Human rights culture development course.
• Problem-solving and decision-making skills course.
• The art of communicating with others course.
• Strategic planning course.
• Work pressure management and facing difficult situations.
• Effective marketing and customer response skills Course.
• Self-management and the art of leading others course.
• Department heads management skills development course.
• Effective negotiation strategies course.
• Supervisory skills development course.
• Effective time and priority management course.
• Sales course (values, principles and skills of a sales man).
• Supervisory management and the effectiveness of creative
strategic thinking course.
Managerial Courses
• Management System Documentation.
• Risk Management.
• Total Quality Management.
• Learn Management.
• 6 Sigma training course.
• Lean 6 Sigma training course.
• Quality Performance Improvement Tools.
• EFQM Excellence Model and MBNQA.
• Group Dynamics & Team Building.
• Problem Solving & Decision Making.
• Project Management.
• Occupational Health and Safety.
• Quality Control and Quality Assurance.
• Environmental Impacts Assessment for
• Environmental Occupational Health and Safety
• The Basic Course in Self- Defense Science.
• The Integrated Course in Self-Defense Science.
• Advanced Course in self-defense science.
• Anti-harassment course “for women only”.
• Criminal evidence course by using modern scientific tools.
• Detecting forgery of Fraudulent Handwriting and signatures.
• Travel document fraud detection course.
• Detecting forgery of official papers.
• Detecting forgery of financial documents.
Occupational Health and safety
• Occupational Health and safety.
• Chemical risk measurement methods course.
• Transport, handling, and storage of hazardous materials.
• Occupational Health and Safety specialist course.
• Safety procedures in the Industrial facilities course

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