In an ever-changing world, successful companies need business support solutions to make them more competitive and profitable, this is the basis for creating a holding company which provides many business-related services through a team of experts in various fields through its companies.

Elite Group has a great experience with unique system in management projects. EG specialized to manage any type of project as a management company, specialized independent, malls, resorts, companies with different businesses, factories and lifestyle hotels.
We are delivering a high-quality service, we create a unique guest experience, we are working for increasing guest satisfaction.
And with our creative strategy and best practices, we turn around hotels and reposition them to outperform their competitors to become local market leaders.

The scope of our services covers many local and international companies in the Egyptian and the Middle East Market.

About Elite Group

EG has been operating as a holding successful investment company with investments mainly in the Security solutions, Training Academy, Events organization , uniform factory, Distribution & stocker, Facility Management, Outsourcing, Integrated Projects and Real estate.

EG strategy is mainly focused on investing in industries and services that are critical to the future, we aim to transform lives to make a lasting contribution to sustainable development.




Elite Group is aiming to be the customers preferred choice by providing A-Class services throughout inspiring our staff, exceeding customer expectations, and rewording our investors..


Providing effective solutions complying with customer needs, this will be achieved by qualified business oriented management teams and supported by highly experienced management process.

Our Team

With years of experience and knowledge, our team is capable of creating and executing easy security solutions for any industry or event.
Our preparation and performance are second to none.


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Mr. Amir Youssef

We are confident that Elite group will be always remarkable, and we will keep our future full of success by trusting in our abilities to get the highest level of customer satisfaction.